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The site of Randles Hotel has been tastefully converted from a Rectory House dating back to 1906. This fine house is a delightful example of a gabled edwardian mansion which was very much in vogue throughout Britain & Ireland at that time. 

The Rectory

Céad míle fáilte

Since its construction,The Rectory has been the family home of the rector for The Killarney valley. Until recent times The Rectory was the residence of the very popular Canon Brian Lougheed and his family. Canon Lougheed is a regular visitor to Randles Hotel and is a friend of The Randles family for many years. Canon Lougheed very much approves of the changes that have been made to the house and is glad to see that many of the original features have been retained.

Other Rectors have included Canon Earl, Reverend Fox and Reverend Herbert who is a descendant of The Herbert Family (Cahernane) and lived in The Rectory for over 45 years.

A New Beginning

In 1992 The Randles family purchased The Rectory to convert it to a hotel. From the beginning, the importance of retaining the original features and being sympathetic to the style of the house were paramount to Kay Randles. Items to note are the original stained glass features, The entrance porch, the oriel window to the front and the various external plaster detailing. If you look closely maybe you can see where the original building meets with the new. 

Today the hotel offers 75 deluxe bedrooms & suites, The Court & Checkers Restaurants, Wiggs Cocktail Bar, Club Santé Health Club & Zen Day Spa. The Randles family have been welcoming guests to Kerry for 4 generations since 1921 and look forward to doing so for many years to come.

Meet our team

Meet Tom

As the 3rd generation of the family business established in 1921, Tom Randles was raised in the hotel industry and started sorting bottles as a summer job from a young age. Following graduation from Shannon College of Hotel Management he worked in France, Switzerland, Scotland and The United States. Following a successful career abroad he joined his mother, Kay Randles overseeing Randles Hotel. Later in his career he completed a Masters in Business & Hotel Administration from NUI Galway and has studies at Smurfit Business School. Today, Tom oversees overall business strategy and is specifically focused on guest satisfaction, employee fun, Intercultural integration, equality and sustainability within the property. He is very proud of the 4th generation now involved in the business and looks forward to when his young sons Conor & Harry can start sorting bottles as a summer job. Randles Hotel and all that work there are at his priority. His sayings are “we are only as good as our last guest” and “be respectful”. He looks forward to warmly welcoming you to Randles Hotel.

Tom Recommends

Tom recommends while you are here to get a bicycle whatever your fitness levels are. There is a bicycle greenway 150 metres from the hotel and a cycle to Muckross & Dinis with lunch or a coffee in Muckross House as a lovely stop off. October is his favourite month in Killarney as the autumn colours come out. If you choose to dine out there are lots of dining choices. Tango for amazing Pizza, The Mad Monk for it’s Crab Bake, Salvadors for family dining, casita Mexicana for super fresh Mexican, Bricin for Boxty, The laurels for a great pint or The Pereguine for fine dining. Located next Door to Randles, is Kaynes Bar & Brassrie for great casual dining. Favourite artist is Leonard Cohen and he promises not to play any while you are visiting and promises something a little more upbeat. Tom is a hive of information about all Killarney, Kerry and Ireland has to offer and is happy to advise on anything you might need

Meet Sean

Meet Sean Reen, our deputy general manager who we have had the pleasure of having around for the last 30 years. If he could be a fictional character, it would be Basil Fawlty - he's always just a heartbeat away from a psychological meltdown. One of his more embarrassing memories from his career so far is when he was pranked by the chefs and ended up serving two very important clients who were expecting steak with nothing but cocktail sausage on one plate and one single prawn on the other! Needless to say, he was absolutely mortified when he lifted off the cloches and returned to the kitchen to find all of the chefs in hysterics. From then on, he makes sure that he double checks what's under each cloche before presenting it to customers. Sean is always the life of the party with his charming personality and great sense of humour! He's always ready to make people laugh, whether it's with a witty comment or an all-out standup routine. His magnetic energy and knack for storytelling lights up any room he enters and makes him the ultimate host. With his enthusiasm and endless positivity, he's an absolute pleasure to be around - no wonder everyone loves him so much! Sean's ultimate pick-me-up song has to be Richie Kavanagh's “Jumbo Breakfast Roll” - after all, who doesn't love a good Irish tune?

Sean Recommends

Sean has a couple of top recommendations for places to visit in Kerry - Dinis Cottage and Torc Waterfall. Located in the woodlands of Killarney National Park, Dinis Cottage is a little bit of paradise that you won't want to miss. Stop by and take a break from your travels with its traditional Irish charm and rustic atmosphere. Then head over to Torc Waterfall for an unbeatable panoramic view. This spectacular waterfall was formed thousands of years ago and is definitely worth a visit to take it all in. Explore this stunning landscape filled with lush greenery and bubbling streams - perfect for an adventure!
Shane Kelly

Meet Shane

Meet Shane Kelly, our Assistant Manager who has been part of the team for the last 28 years. He is a huge GAA fan and loves to cheer on the Fossa GAA and Kerry GAA teams - he can be found at all their sporting events during his free time. If he could only eat one food for the rest of his life it would be sour cream Tayto crisps - or any kind of crisp for that matter! Shane is a dedicated and hardworking individual who always puts his best effort into everything that he does. He's reliable, focused, and determined to get the job done right. With his enthusiasm and dedication, it's no wonder why he's so successful in all of his endeavours. His commitment to excellence makes him an invaluable asset to the team. When it comes to finding songs that put Shane in a good mood, nothing beats Norman Greenbaun's “Spirit in the Sky”.

Shane Recommends

SShane recommends that you visit Speakeasy Pub in Kerry! This hidden gem is the place to go for the best Guinness in town. Its cosy atmosphere, fresh beer, and delicious bar food make it a local favourite. The friendly staff and great music add to its charm. Next time you are in Kerry, swing by Speakeasy Pub for a truly memorable experience.So if you have a spare afternoon whilst visiting Killarney, make sure to take Aziz’s advice and add Glenbeigh onto your itinerary!
Marie Keary

Meet Marie

Meet Marie Keary - our front office and guest relations manager who has been with us for the last two years. Marie is fantastic at making sure our guests have the best experience possible in our beautiful hotel. If given a chance, she would love to recruit Alex Polizzi onto our team because having someone like her on a busy check in day would be amazing! But despite her professional aspirations, sometimes crazy things come to Marie's mind - like that one time she dreamed about being part of the New York mafia and got shot in Little Italy. We think it might be time for her to watch a little less of those gangster movies! We are incredibly lucky to have Marie as part of our team! Not only is she passionate about taking care of our guests, but she also works tirelessly to ensure everyone receives personalised service and the warm Irish hospitality that Killarney is known for. She goes above and beyond to make sure all our guests have a pleasant and memorable stay in this magical part of Ireland. With her commitment to providing five-star treatment and her unique ability to tailor the experience for each guest’s individual needs, there is no doubt that a stay with Marie will result in an unforgettable Irish experience! Marie’s ultimate happy song is Bryan Adam's "Summer of 69"

Marie Recommends

Marie recommends that anyone visiting Killarney should check out the Peter Cox Gallery to admire some of the area's most amazing artwork. Then, head down to Jack C's for a beer and some classic pub grub. For the adventurous, take a tour of Killarney Brewery and sample their selection of craft beers. If you are bringing the kids along, no trip to Killarney is complete without a visit to Caddy Shack - it has something for everyone!
Shiela O'Donoghue

Meet Sheila

Meet Sheila O'Donoghue, our accommodation manager who has been making sure our bedrooms have been spotless clean for the last 24 years. If she had super powers, it would be Wonder Woman - with her full of energy and fearlessness! The craziest dream she ever had was that she won the lottery and bought the hotel - watch out Tom Randles! We are very lucky to have Sheila as part of our team; she is a fabulous manager, great team leader and an awesome asset to the hotel. When it comes to pick-me-up music, nothing quite beats Abba's “Dancing Queen” for Sheila - it always puts her in a great mood.

Sheila Recommends

Sheila recommends visiting Dingle, one of the most stunning places on the Emerald Isle. Here you can find miles of rugged coastline where the wild Atlantic Ocean meets the beautiful Irish landscape. Enjoy breath-taking views as you take a boat trip around the harbour and explore some of the area’s historical attractions. There is something for everyone here, from kayaking and fishing to dolphin-watching, hiking, biking and more! Explore quaint shops, pubs and restaurants in town or wander through picturesque parks and beaches nearby.
Michael O'Sullivan

Meet Mike

Meet Mike O'Sullivan, our head chef for the past 27 years. Mike brings a special kind of atmosphere to the kitchen - one full of laughter and joy. He's truly a multitalented individual; not only is he an expert in the kitchen, but he also has impressive DIY skills, having built a beautiful natural stone wall around his house. Mike's favourite dish has to be pasta! He loves its versatility and the endless possibilities that come with it in terms of flavour combinations. With pasta, you can create a fresh, new dish every time - something that Mike knows all too well. His skilful use of herbs, spices and sauces gives his pastas an extraordinary taste - something that will make your mouth water for sure! On his days off, Mike loves nothing more than spending time with his son. With every meal that he serves, Mike carefully crafts each dish with skill and finesse - bringing out all its flavours and textures to create a truly unique culinary experience. So if you're ever in Kerry looking for a great meal – with a side of warm hospitality – make sure you stop by and say hello to Mike!

Mike Recommends

Mike's recommendation? Definitely the town of Caherdaniel! Located in the scenic Ring of Kerry, this quaint little town is full of surprises. From its picturesque harbour to its stunning views of Dingle Bay, you'll be in awe of this charming place. Mike recommends trying out the delicious seafood dishes on offer in the area. Whether you're looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure-packed holiday, Caherdaniel has it all - a true hidden gem!

Meet Aziz

Meet Aziz Wahab, our restaurant manager of 11 years! His attention to detail is impeccable - when dining with us you can be sure your linen napkin will be crisp and white, your silver tea pot shiny enough to reflect your own image, and you will always be welcomed with a warm smile. We are lucky to have such a dedicated individual who leads by example and inspires all of his colleagues to deliver the highest standard of service. When off duty, Aziz enjoys fishing and gardening at home. He also looks forward to being spoiled by his wife’s Norma’s cooking. Aziz and his family love nothing more than gathering around the dinner table to enjoy Norma's curries. Aziz’s pick me up song is by Celin Dion ‘My Heart Will Go On’.

Aziz Recommends

Aziz’s recommended place to visit while in Kerry is Glenbeigh. From breathtaking views of the Dingle Peninsula and rugged coastline to emerald green hills, visitors can’t help but be in awe of this picturesque location. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Glenbeigh has something for everyone — hillwalking, cycling, kayaking for those looking for fun activities or cosy pubs and golden beaches for those looking to take it easy. So if you have a spare afternoon whilst visiting Killarney, make sure to take Aziz’s advice and add Glenbeigh onto your itinerary!

Meet Anna

Meet Anna Jaromin the Assistant Restaurant Manager at Randles hotel who has been part of the team for the last 11 years. With her great attention to detail, guests will never run out of tea or coffee when dining with us. Anna's husband Mariusz also works in the hotel as a senior chef - making them a formidable tag team that ensures guests have an excellent dining experience! On her days off, Anna loves to read, exploring all types of books from her small home library. If she could be any animal, Anna would choose a cat - she admires how cats are free to do whatever they want and are often seen as wiser than humans! We are lucky to have Anna in our team. She is a passionate and dedicated individual who always goes above and beyond for the team. No matter the task at hand, she puts her all into it and works hard to exceed expectations. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, always making sure to keep the team motivated and on task. We can't thank her enough for her hard work and dedication!

Anna Recommends

If you are visiting Killarney Anna recommends, taking a trip to the Demesne - one of Killarney National Park's most popular and recognizable locations. With its pathways offering views of lakes, mountains and woodlands, it's easy to appreciate the stunning natural beauty of this area.

Meet Joe

We would like to introduce you to Joe Moriarty, our exceptionally talented painter and decorator who has been with the hotel for over 48 years. His enthusiasm and pride in the hospitality industry are still evident today, and his colleagues attribute him as being loyal, diligent, hardworking, reliable, honest, and a team player with a positive outlook - just some of the many qualities Joe embodies. Joe began his employment with the Dromhall Hotel under Kay and Neil Randles in 1974. Starting part-time, he gradually became a key player in the wedding industry, with his talent and excellence soon evident. By 1976, Joe had been offered a full-time position and worked on the weddings for years to come. When the hotel closed up for the winter months, Joe would travel to different parts of the country, always looking to develop his hospitality skills further. Joe has put many a young waiter and waitress through their paces, showing them patience and kindness as they learned the skills of the trade. A great mentor, always with an encouraging word and listening ear, you will always be left smiling after an encounter or a chat with Joe.

About Joe

In 1995, Joe became the Abbey Restaurant Manager, where he meticulously oversaw the running of the restaurant and managed up to four weddings every week at the Dromhall. Later on, in 2002, during the quieter winter months, Joe started in the maintenance department, where he put his painting and decorating skills to good use. Ever since then, Joe hasn't stopped painting and decorating and continues to be an integral part of our team. Joe's story is a testament to dedication, hard work, and passion for hospitality. We are lucky to have him as part of our team! In addition, you can also go on a boat ride called "Sheila Veronica", named after Sheila's grandmother! It will be an unforgettable sail around Killarney Lakes. Or why not treat yourself with a delicious cappuccino from the Ross Castle Cafe - perfect way to end the day!
Przemyslaw Piechowiak

Meet Przemyslaw

Meet Przemyslaw Piechowiak the Leisure Centre Manager who has been part of the team for the past 4 years. If there was one word to describe Przem, it would be ‘active’. He loves cycling and following the NBA, and is well aware that his home country Poland received a good score in the last European Championship. But Przem isn't all about sports - he has a keen interest in personal development too. He loves to stay up to date by listening to podcasts and reading books, with his top recommendation being Jay Shetty's 'Think Like a Monk'. On his days off, he enjoys spending quality time with his daughter and son. Przem is a person of deep, grounded character with an aura of calm around him. He has an impressive knack for staying focused and centered in any situation and always thinks before he acts. His composure, self-discipline, and insightfulness make him a well-respected leader in the team. Przem’s pick me up song is Happy by Pharrell Williams.

Przem Recommends

Przem’s top travel recommendation is Ring of Kerry. Known for its stunning coastal views, vibrant landscape, and ancient ruins, Prem believes Ring of Kerry is a must-see destination. With winding roads, lush green forests, and crystal-clear lakes, it's a charming place steeped in history and culture. If you're looking for a nice brunch or a coffee and cake, Przem recommends visiting Ballyseedy Garden Centre in Tralee. Enjoy delicious homemade dishes made with locally sourced ingredients in the warm, inviting atmosphere of the restaurant. Or grab a quick coffee and a slice of cake to enjoy while admiring beautiful plants on the grounds.
Sheila McCarthy

Meet Sheila

Meet Sheila McCarthy, the Reservations Manager for Randles Hotels. She's been part of the team for 7 years and brings joy to everyone with her presence. If she could pick any famous person to be part of her team, it would undoubtedly be Pedro Pascal as he brings some brightness into everyone's lives - plus we're sure she admires his good looks! Sheila's most useless talent is her fountain of useless information. She loves to entertain people with weird and wonderful facts they'd never thought they wanted to know! Sheila is an amazing team player and a true asset to any workplace. She is dedicated and committed, always putting her best foot forward and going above and beyond to ensure that everything gets done. She loves working with others, motivating them to do their best and creating a positive atmosphere for collaboration. With her hard work and enthusiasm, she is sure to make any team succeed! When things get tough, Sheila turns to her favourite song '3 Little Birds' by Bob Marley to lift her spirits - it never fails to put a smile on her face!

Sheila Recommends

Sheila recommends visiting Ross Castle to take in its stunning location and breath-taking views. Sheila has been especially appreciative of the spot, saying it is one of her favourite places to explore and admire the beauty of nature. Whether you are looking for adventure, wanting to take some beautiful photos or just seeking some peace and quiet, Ross Castle is sure to have something for everyone! In addition, you can also go on a boat ride called "Sheila Veronica", named after Sheila's grandmother! It will be an unforgettable sail around Killarney Lakes. Or why not treat yourself with a delicious cappuccino from the Ross Castle Cafe - perfect way to end the day!
Susan Randles

Meet Susan

Meet Susan Randles, Director of Sales & Marketing for Randles Hotel. Susan is a total expert when it comes to making sure our properties are always full and busy. If Susan had to bring one item to a deserted island, it would be a boat - that way she could finally take off when she's had enough of all the peace and quiet she's been craving! Susan's dream superpower would be to fly - a great way to fulfil her passion for traveling! Susan is known for her vibrant and creative spirit. She loves to try new things and is always looking for ways to spice up her work. Her motto of “no” doesn't exist in her vocabulary has become quite an inspirational mantra among her colleagues as she finds unique solutions to complex problems. Whether it's coming up with a unique marketing approach or creating a one-of-a-kind product, Susan is the one you want on your team! Music is also an important part of Susan's life - whenever she needs to pick up her mood, she turns to good tunes for respite.

Susan Recommends

Susan recommends anyone interested in experiencing the incredible beauty of Kerry to visit Derrynane. From its stunning beaches and soaring mountains to its lush green landscapes, it's a place that cannot be missed. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or an action-packed adventure, Derrynane definitely has something special to offer. Keep an eye out for Susan, who can often be seen exploring this remarkable part of Ireland!

Meet Caroline

Caroline Doherty has been the Human Resources Manager of Randles Team for the last 6 years. She has excelled in her position, bringing a unique set of skills to the team that have proven invaluable time and time again. Caroline is always looking for new ways to improve processes and streamline workflows, making her an essential part of the team's success. We are very grateful for her hard work and commitment; her positivity and smile can light up any room! If she could be any fictional character, Caroline would choose Wonder Woman as she admires how Wonder Woman never gets tired, is always on time and possesses physical super strength as well as amazing hair and figure! Moreover, Caroline recently started walking more and enjoys sessions in the gym. When the day is not going well, Caroline turns to her go-to song - "Blame it on the Weatherman" by Bewitched - to cheer herself up.

Caroline Recommends

Caroline recommends visiting Aghadoe for a breath-taking view as well as to take in the fresh air. Caroline has been especially appreciative of this beautiful spot, saying it is one of her favourite places to relax and unwind from a long day. Whether you are looking for adventure, wanting to admire the views or just seeking some peace and quiet, Aghadoe is sure to have something for everyone! Its beauty and fresh air will make your time here truly unforgettable.
Ciara O'Callaghan

Meet Ciara

Meet Ciara O’Callaghan, the Marketing and Social Media expert who has been part of the team for the past seven years. Ciara is a musical theatre enthusiast, having performed in the chorus of many award-winning productions with Tralee Musical Society. She's also an avid GAA fan and supports her beloved Kerry team in every match. Not only that, but she's also a 20-time marathon runner! When it comes to fashion, her most cringeworthy trend she ever followed was Joe Bloggs jeans back in the '90s. We think the trend is making a comeback now - perhaps Ciara still has a pair tucked away in her wardrobe! Ciara is an incredibly precise, organised, and hard-working individual. She prides herself in her attention to detail and dedication to any task she takes on. Whether it's managing a successful marketing campaign, running a marathon, or just enjoying a musical theatre show, Ciara approaches each challenge with an impressive level of commitment and determination. Ciara’s pick me up song is Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves. You will also see her cheering to Christmas songs through festive season.

Ciara Recommends

If you are looking for some of the best activities to experience in Killarney, Ciara suggests Torc Mountain or Cardiac Hill. Take a leisurely walk up the mountain and enjoy breath-taking views of Killarney National Park - or take on the steep hill and enjoy an adrenaline-filled challenge. For those after a few drinks, Reidy's is an ideal spot to finish off your day with a cheeky pint or two. Or why not explore Tralee and cycle down the greenway? With its stunning views and winding paths, it is sure to make your stay even more memorable!
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