Turning a Victorian building into a carbon-free hotel

Sustainable Hotel killarney

Long term investments into reducing carbon footprint and minimising energy usage

Personal demands from guests have made sustainability a vital part of operations at Randles Hotel in Killarney, with a strong commitment from owner Tom Randles – the 3rd generation hotelier within the family business – to delivering a carbon-free hotel experience.

Focus for change

The focus for change is to reduce carbon footprint and energy usage for a greener future, whilst also helping to educate colleagues and peers through case studies and encourage change from fossil fuel driven systems into new innovative renewable systems. Despite the Randles Hotel building being over 116 years old and having gone through various building infrastructure extensions dating from 1906-2008, the team has already managed to achieve incredible results with investment and determination. Tom Randles started investing into an energy upgrade project plan in 2020 through the services of a consultancy specialising in hotel energy retrofits. After collating energy upgrade opportunities through a series of detailed commercial audits and advice from Tim O’Leary (BSPM Energy Consultancy), the following measures and phased works were programmed and implemented accordingly.

Steps to sustaibnility

The projects have already had a huge impact on cost-saving and energy saving efforts, and on reducing the hotel’s carbon footprint. As a result of these measures, the hotel was able to promote core values in wellness & sustainability which in return has led to a far more proactive and positive working environment. The project has given the hotel the perfect opportunity to challenge its limitations and turn the Victorian Structure into an energy efficient building to modern day standards with the most up-to-date technology. 

Making the differece

In addition to the above achievements and we continually revaluating and making mindset and actioned changes. We are actively making a difference by:

  • Eliminating single-use plastic
  • Miniature plastic shower gels, shampoo conditioners and other toiletries are minimised and have been replaced with larger refillable dispensers.
  • Compostable take away cups
  • Water bottles are glass, not plastic
  • All of our bottled water, for drinking purposes, are filtered water onsite.
  • LED lighting used throughout hotel
  • Food waste is monitored on a continual basis in order to reduce
  • Biodegradable, environmentally-friendly cleaning products used
  • All our employees follow our ‘Think Before You Print’ policy
  • All guest information is on your TV screen to reduce printing
  • Option to have your receipt for your stay emailed to you?
  • Access to EV charging point

Randles Hotel is part of a group of 22 Killarney hotels which signed a very unique sustainability charter as core principle of our business, with an initial aim of cutting carbon emissions by 25%. The charter among the hotels the first of its kind within the hotel industry in Ireland is not only aimed at reducing carbon emissions but to collaborate and share best practices when it comes to sustainability.

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